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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~my 21st bestday~

 I think , my blog will not be completed if I don’t mention what I got when I celebrated my 21st bestday last year. So here it is.*even though it was last year thingy but still... i want to write abt it =)

On the last NOVEMBER 14, 2011,

Alhamdulilah, my FB page was full with bestday wishes and prayers. Really hope for the best of them too. Amen.
full of noti~~
Patricianz set a birthday party for me in the evening! (as always =]) love u guys so much! *even I was locked in Anwar’s room for hours while they were cooking~ I am really touched of their effort as they were still willing to set a birthday party for me even though all of them were so busy packing their stuffs for shipping purposes.

Patricianz tht i missed so much!

"botak lincin n seri muka SMLSK"

Some of my Cohort mates threw a birthday surprise party on the exam night. It was a real surprise, started with Mint who suddenly asked me to go to her house to help her with her resume. Thx u guys! Really appreciate it!

~botak lincin~


syukran u guys!

ckin n sue who baked this i think~

Got some birthday presents too  =)

hadiah dari Abg Jijol
hadiah dr Afiq

hadiah dr imran newcastle
bestday cake dr matt n family

hadiah dr uncle nasa

hadiah dr anware

hadiah dr cik Tian wei

insyAllah, may Allah SWT bless ur good deeds. Amin.
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