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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

accident 2008...

19 december 2008
4.00 pm
Situation : lying down at the roadside…

“Arrgghh….!!!  Ya AllAh, I don’t perform my AsAr prayer yet…! Plz allow me to perform it for the last time…”

Tht was what playing in my mind when looked at my watch. I knew that it is too early for Asar prayer but I really wished that I could perform it before I slept forever.

gambar sekadar hiasan

That day was kak na’s “aqad niqah” ceremony. Kak na  is the 1st child of my family and that was my first wedding ceremony which involved one of my siblings. For sure, the members of my family were very enthusiastic and overwhelmed in preparing everything needed. We tried to make all as perfect as we dreamt and it was not simple and easy to satisfy perfectionists. Sometimes, it was so easy to make ppl touched. The ceremony would be held very soon and followed with the feast on the next day, so I needed to be fast in making the direction signs so that nobody would be lost while searching for our house.

3.15 pm

At that time, many of the villagers came to my house to help us ”melapah” the kerbau. They were very passionate with their job and so did I, I had my own task to do. I rode my brother’s EX5 to laminate the paper signboards in Selama town, 7 kms from my home. Everything looked normal along the way to Selama town, no roadblock and etc,  as if nothing bad would  happen on that day. In addition, I managed to finish my task earlier than I taught. I don’t know why but this phrase kept playing in my mind:

“I need to be fast… I need to be fast…”

I put the laminated paper signboards in the EX5 basket. I speeded up to the max even I was heading to a corner. Eh, the signboards were almost flown by the air… So, I took the additional motorcycle key to keep them safe. When I looked to the front back…. I was heading to the big drain beside the road. The drain was only 3 meter to the front but nothing I could do since I rode with that fast around 100 km/h.

3.50 pm

I was flying! I could snap three images of the sky before landed. One.. two.. three.. landed on my side after being slammed at the pokok pinang. What did i feel? I let you to imagine how painful it should be. What I saw was, my EX5 laid beside me and I noticed that my helmet was under the motor. How? I can’t answer you because I am sure that I had tied it tightly.

gambar sekadar hiasan

Eh, oil?? Leakage? It’s goin to explode!!!! I tried to stand or at least move further but negative. I couldn’t. I could not move even an inch! The painful at my waist prevented me from saving my life. Thank God, a young guy came and helped to stand the motor properly and it made me realize that it should not explode in that way. Fuuhhh.. *relieved.*

gambar sekadar hiasan

Pll started to surround and looked at me instead of helping me bcoz they afraid that my waist bone had broken. I taught the same thing too. An old Indian uncle came and asked for my dad’s mobile no. I should state that my dad is a policeman. As a policeman, accidental report is something that they listen to everyday. When the uncle called him about the accident, my dad taught that he was talking about someone else, not his own son. Thus, my dad just asked him to call the ambulance and police station as he was so busy with the wedding of his daughter.

Though suffering of painful and sympathy from pll around me, I managed to pick up my mobile phone and gave my mom a call.

me : Hello… Assalamualykum??
*(with happy voice ok.)
Mom :  Haa, lan… awat?
Me : Maa, lan accident nih.. hehe..
Mom : Accident? Dah tu, boleh bangun tak tu??
Me : Hehe… tak boleh…tgh baring kt tepi jalan..
Mom : Tuu kt mana tuu?
Me : Kt depan peladang selama ni laa…
Mom : Ok2… nanti mama suruh angah pi kt hg. 
*sedu sikit*
Me : Ok. Mom...
Mom : haa..?
Me : sorry.
Mom : Ok2… nanti angah pi.

A policeman came. Owh, I also should state here that the police station was just less than a hundred meter while hospital selama was around 200 meter from where the accident occured . Really a right place for an accident to take place huh? Hehe..

The policeman asked for my dad’s name. Owh.. anak Tuan dot dot…  I just replied him a smile. At that time, I tried to imagine what the situation at my house was. My sister was getting married and my dad had to be there because he was the “wali”. That’s why I called my mom instead my dad. I was afraid he would be angry too. Hehe… I really hope that I didn’t spoil the ceremony much. Sorry my dad, sorry kakna, sorry…

Pll chattered :
“Macam mana la batu tuu boleh pecah?? Tebai tuu!”

After I went to the accident location again, I had to admit that the concrete would not broken into pieces if I didn’t accelerate to that fast.. My right toe was torn and “calaq balaq keliling badan…”

An ambulance came. The attendances asked me whether I could get onto the stretcher on my own. With full effort, at last, I could do it, on my own. Then, they put me into the ambulance and rushed to the next corner, where the hospital Selama taken place  =P Frankly, the two minutes in the ambulance alone was very terrible. I was almost fallen over the stretcher when the ambulance turned its direction. I monologue alone “They are killing me..”

for sure, in a small district hospital, this kind of facilities is only a dream. 
(only for the time being... insyAllAh..)

I was admitted into the ICU. Then, being sent to xray room to xray whether anything was broken inside. Something’s wrong at my waist.

gambar sekadar hiasan

Thankfully, after an hour there, the attendance said to me that none was broken. When he pushed me out of the xray room, Pak Long and Angah Udin were there besides Angah. Deep in my heart, I said,

“Sayang jugak hangpa kat lan noh? Hehe… “

I was sent again to ICU.

“Ok, ur waist is ok.none was broken. Maybe the painful came from the tearing muscle. Could you plz sit?”

I had to put my effort to the max to sit and suddenly….

I fell over the stretcher and this time was real!!!

Arghh…siot punya doctor!!

 I couldn’t imagine how painful I was but I am sure that my lips were sealed tightly due to the extremed-painful.

I arrived at my home around 6 .15 pm. I told my mom and most ppl who closed with me but my dad bcoz I didn’t want to burden him with my problem yet. Before I slept, my sister came over and asked for my condition. The tears flow so fast from her eyelids.

On the walimatul urus day, those who came to the feast will ask about me..

gambar sekadar hiasan

Yang mana satu yang accident? Instead yg mana satu yg kahwin… mujuq depa x tya yang mana satu yg meninggal  =P

In the late evening of the same day, my dad “asked” me :

“Lan, hang jatuh stretcher eh? HAHAhaha…”

What’s important from this incident was I realized that my parents did communicate among them. I learnt about communication in Social Studies but and I just wonder whether it happens in my family too. Maybe its funny to say this. Haha.. all my suffering was worthy to see my parents laugh.

The end.

0n december 2009, someone else had hit the same concrete that had been repaired a few months before.. mmg tiap2 tahun kot jadi accident kt situ  :P

19 december 2010 : concrete tuu x diperbaiki dah... malaih  dah laa tuu... depa takut klu repair lagi nanti ada yg nak langgar lagi  =P

Thursday, December 9, 2010


happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to .........,
happy birthday to you   ^_^

Monday, December 6, 2010

dialogue Rasulullah PBUH with Christians

AllAh Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala says in the Quran :

According to Uztaz Muhammad Izzat Al-Tahtawi (1993), a leading figure in the field of comparative religion (Muqaranah al-Adyan) from Syria, the above verse shows that comparative religion is one of the many branches of Islamic knowledge. It clearly states the truthfulness and greatness of Islam in comparison to every other religion in the world especially that of the ahl-Kitab.

In this context Islamic scholars have divided comparative study between Islam and Christianity into two parts, through dialogue and writings.


Islamic scholars agree that the earliest dialogues were began by and had involved Rasulullah PBUH. For instance the Holy Prophet’s PBUH interaction with 60 Christian representatives from the district of Najran led by ‘Abd al-Masih and Abu Haritshah bin ‘Alqamah, Bishop of Najran in various forms such as inquiries, debates et cetera became sources of inspiration for Muslims to expand this field of knowledge. An extract from the dialogue between Rasulullah PBUH and the Christion representatives of Najran as stated by Imam Abi al-Hassan ‘Ali bin Ahmad al-Naisaburi rahimahullah in his book Asbab al-Nuzulnya is as follows :

Rasulullah PBUH : Be muslims.

Christian Representatives : We have become muslims before you O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : You lie, there is a barrier between Islam and you when you proclaim  that AllAh has a son, you worship the cross and eat swine.

Christian Representatives : If Jesus is not AllAh’s son who is his father?

Rasulullah PBUH : Do you acknowledge that a son (close) resembles his father?

Christian Representatives : True, O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : Do you acknowledge that our God is Living and Did not die whereas Jesus (according to your belief) died?

Christian Representatives : True, O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : Do you acknowledge that our God is Self-Subsisting and sustains all His creations?

Christian Representatives : True, O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : Does Jesus possess these qualities?

Christian Representatives : Certainly not O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : If this is true, how could you say that (Jesus is the son of AllAh)?

Upon hearing his words, the Christian representatives fell silent. However, they then presented Rasulullah PBUH with a question.

Christian representatives : Do you see a human being without a father? If this is true do you have any proof to this?

Rasulullah PBUH :

Monday, November 29, 2010

*the continuation from the previous post.

Fasal thaharah (bersuci)

Baligh :

v  Apabila kanak-kanak (lelaki dan perempuan) bermimpi melakukan persetubuhan (seks) sampai keluar mani.
v  Apabila kanak-kanak (perempuan) mengalami haid yang pertama.
v  Apabila seorang kanak-kanak (lelaki dan perempuan) berumur 15 tahun genap mengikut tahun hijrah.


Bahasa : Qat’ie (putus )

Syarak : menghilangkan najis kotor dari tempat keluarnya menggunakan air dan batu.

Cara terbaik : guna batu dan air.

Definisi batu

setiap yang keras, bersih, bersifat mengikis, tidak dihormati, tidak najis/mengandungi najis, tidak licin, tidak berharga (seperti kitab ilmu syariah dan alatnya) serta bukan makanan.

ulasan ustaz rijal : biskut marie* xboleh buat istinjak.

reconfirmed : tidak sah menggunakan tisu sebagai alat istinjak.

# sila lihat video. Manakala, uztaz azhar idrus menyatakan bahawa tisu BOLEH digunakan sebagai alat instinjak.


Pilihan batu :

        3 batu = 3 permukaan

1 batu tetapi perlu basuh dan keringkan setiap kali sebelum digunakan lagi.

*ini bukan tentang susah atau senang, ini tentang boleh atau tidak.

Tempat basuhan :

  1. ·         Sofhah (papan punggung) – tempat yang tertutup apabila kita bangun dan hanya terbuka apabila kita mencangkung.
  2. ·         Hasyafah - Raksun (kepala) zakar.


~ hukum ~

Fardhu (wajib)
Bahasa : habuan, kelaziman, kemestian
Syarak : buat = pahala




Mandub (sunat)




Muharram/tahrim (haram)



Makhruh (makhruh)



Al-mibah (harus)




Sahih (sah)

 translation : apa yg dilakukan cukup untuk menggugurkan keperluan untuk melakukan qada'.

ulasan ustaz rijal : bila dah solat subuh*, tak perlu lagi untuk qada' solat subuh tuu.


* x pasti. 


Definisi Wudhuk :

this foto is copied from totalphysicalresponse88.blogspot.com

Bahasa : hasan wal jamil ( baik dan cantik)

Syarak : Perbuatan membasuh anggota-anggota badan yang tertentu dengan niat yang tertentu.

Rukun wudhuk :

 Membasuh muka
Membasuh tangan
 Membasuh kepala
 Membasuh kaki

*sunat - telinga

Bila nak pasang niat :

Pada perbuatan pertama setiap amalan. *bukan sebelum, bukan selepas.

Eg:     wudhuk- ketika membasuh muka
Solat – ketika takbiratul ihram.

Tafsir mimpi :

  • ·         Terbang ke langit = naik maqam
  • ·         Makan najis = makan perkara haram
  • ·         Api = bahaya* bencana
  • ·         Minum susu = hendak menuntut ilmu


~ Hadis ~

Berilah salam kepada orang yang kamu kenal dan kepada yang tidak kamu kenali.

Matan (teks hadis )sebenar  : taqra'us salam *ilal alkhiril hadis* xdpt cari matan yg sebenar.

Taqra’u = baca
Membaca memerlukan kita untuk mengadapkan muka ke buku. (bukan mukabuku aka facebook!)

Maka, maksud nya kita sepatutnya membaca salam di muka orang. Melihat ke muka orang tersebut dan mengucapkan salam kepadanya.

# Syarah hadis oleh Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Ibrahim*, seorang yang diiktiraf sebagai seorang muhaddis akhir zaman dan juga merupakan guru kepada Uztaz Rijal.

Info tambahan tentang adab bersalam : click here


Done with the” academic” sharing. Now is my personal experience.

I am really impressed with his splendid effort to build up a tahfiz centre. In addition, those children who were in AFTC are so awesome!!! They proved that children are not as sinful as adult as they could memorise a lot of quranic verses in just three days tahfiz camp. They were focusing on surah al-insaan.

~Surah al-insaan~
# Some of them managed to memorise from 1st to tens
# 1st to twenties
# 1st to thirties
# 1st to fourties
and even from the 1st verse to 59...
that is awe-inspiring!!! 

representative from male students

representative of female students

When the best student, adik luqman recited the surah during the closing ceremony, I could see all mouths in the tahfiz centre moved as his except mine! How shame I am. InsyAllAh, will catch you up adik.

SWEET memories with ustaz rijal.

sizzling black paper chicken

chicken chop

Eating sizzling black paper chicken at yakin usaha café, parit buntaq!! Sedap giler!! Guys, u need to try this, seriously!

And the most significant point to remember is the issues raised on that dinner table.

There were only 2 issues :

·         Entrepreneurship
·         Love and engagement
*data is private and confidential*

We told him that ustaz azhar idrus said :

when a man proposes a woman, if the woman agrees with it, officially they are already engaged!

Ustaz rijal responded :

 “Eh tak. Kena melalui ayah perempuan itu kerana ayah ialah wali mujbir (dekat). Khitbah (bertunang) itu hak wali.”  
~ Hmm… ~

I thanked to Ustaz Rijal for allowing me to attend his “tuition”. Actually, Naim, Naqi, Syahir and I wanted to ask about the fee since in the very 1st day but all were shy. Thus, before we went back to our hometown, I asked our beloved ustaz about it.

Azlan : ustaz, ni nak tya. Yuran nak kena bayaq brapa ringgit?
Uztaz : Azlan mai lambat so xyah bayaq!
*semua terkesima*
Azlan : err… ok. So, depa yg mai awai ni mcm mana plak?
Uztaz : Yang mai awai pon xyah bayaq jugak!

That time I realised, when ustaz gave me the book and the sheets, he always said “sedekah”. Now, I understand what he meant. Such a noble heart. Syukran jazilan wa kasiran!

melagukan selawat 

selawat sebelum bersalaman

para uztaz yang hebat

 back up percussion by syahir rosmi

ini hanya sijil penyertaan, bukan peng-ijazahan khatam kitab

 "...generasi Al-Quran Yang Bertaqwa"

sheikh azlan ariff al banjari al macquarie??  =P

helping uztaz burning the marhaban CDs

ustaz and me <3

stay up pya pasal, this was our supper
air habbatus sawda' and roti krim  =)

"murid2 kesayangan ustaz..," Syuhada commented .

segala perkongsian ilmu pada post 1 & 2 adalah bersumberkan kitab Safinatun Najah dan diulas oleh Ustaz Rijal.

~the end~
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