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Monday, January 24, 2011

wht I’ve done since last December.

Alhamdulilah, at last AllAh SwT grants me the idea what to write in this blog. Actually there are a lot of ideas, it just ME who is/are (confuse) so lazy to express it in my writing. Spending my day in Gajus hostel (Sunday, 23 January 2011), makes me that I should be like a student again…
So, lets talk about what I’ve done since last December.


“Tanam anggur” is the best thing to describe it. Being unemployed, just killing my time by doing all the house chores. Oh yeah, I went to a pre-departure programmme organized by INTELEK, ILUVISLAM.COM and collaborated with SAIFULISLAM.COM.

I am really glad to be there, meeting with my old friends from my IPG itself, IPSAH students and busy making new friends too. The seniors were so kind and generous to share everything that we want to know about. What I love about FLYHIGH is, the seniors from OZ/NZ were placed in the same house with the particular newcomers that are going to be in the same place.

Personally, I hope that the time provided for the talk sessions should be lengthened as the presenters were so eager to share a lot of things with us yet they were limited due to time constrain. i found that the speakers were so credible and really deserve to be respected! The venerating speakers were Ustaz Nushi Mahfuz, Prof Nazri and Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jalil.
One of the unforgettable memories was when suddenly Ustaz Nushi said with this statement.

“Haa, cepat jawab! Aii… dalam banyak-banyak ni,  takkan xdak sorang pon budak KISAS kot???”

*GULP* All the eyes in the hall were focusing at me.

“Ni anak buah Ustaz Rashid??


Then, he continued revealing his experience in KISAS.. that astonished everyone especially when it comes to the “mu’amalat” between muslimin and muslimat. And I needed not to answer his question… which Ive forgotten what the question was. Haha..  :P


Busy with all the visa applications, filling in the forms and requirements and doing medical check –up. I called Adventist Hospital, Penang to set up one, but they are only available on January 27, which is really late! Then, I managed to set up an appointment at BP Clinical Sdn Bhd, somewhere in Jalan Kampar, Ipoh.

Initially, everything was going fine but the doctor insisted to state in the medical report saying that I had jaundice since I was born. Sitting in ETS (electric train system) and around 30 minutes more to arrive at KL SENTRAL, I got a call from BP clinic asking me to do an additional blood test in conjunction of the doctor’s statement.

“Haish… I’ll go on January 17 ok. Thx..”


Though it was held at the same place as FLYHIGH, which was Nur Bukit Unggul, Bangi, I feel much comfortable in SG. I went there as an individual, not as a group as FH. It was unexpectedly Anwar Hadi, my ex-rumate in my IPG, joined it too.

SG was much well prepared and I really like the activities arrangement. The time provided for the talk sessions was sufficient and managed to satisfy my “lust”. Moreover, the “riadhah” session was so interesting and really bonded our relationship. I learnt about leadership, listening, discussing not condemning from the “riadhah”.

I don’t know why I feel the seniors were so good and generous to share the knowledge and experience with us. Although most of the facilitators slept in a different house, their eagerness to share pushed their legs to our dorms and spent a really long time with us. I could feel their sincerity when they talked and one of them even said like this that really touched my hearts and makes me feel grateful for joining SG.

 a senior : wei, korang bila nak fly?
Kami      : tak tau lagi. Lepas briefing program ni baru tau the exact date.
a senior : Korang jgn laa fly awai2 sangat.. nti xdan nak jemput korg kt airport nanti… klu sapa2  yg xdak rumah lg tuu, tiduq rumah kami dulu pon TAK PAA…! Nah ambik no fon ni dan alamat rumah aku ni…”

Kur3… I really will regret if I did not join SG, SEriously… because I can see THE TRUE COLOUR OF UKHUWAH ISLAMIAH in that programme. Thx u guys for the memorable memories.

January 17

Need to rush to IPOH  but the earliest ticket to IPOH was at 12.50, by ordinary KTM train… arrived at IPOH STATION at 4.00 pm.

Spending another RM 10 to BP Clinical Sdn Bhd.. and after 10 minutes interrogating session with the doctor, I was allowed to go back to KL. Rm 9 to Ipoh KTM station, plus RM 30 for ETS ticket.

Is it worth to spend that sum of money only for that short interrogating session? u tell me...

January 18 – 19.

A pre-departure briefing and motivational programme for the TESOL and the PPC students, who are goin to “flyhigh” soon.

At that time, I felt quite inferior, for being together with my friends who have no problem with their VISA applications.

Thanks Kak Aisah for motivating me with the short sentences. Thanks for those who always pray for my Visa application to be approved, and a day after the briefing ended, my Visa application had been approved. The Garden Hotel, beside the MID VALLEY mall was the witness of my happiness.


the pictures will come later..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sebenarnya, aku sgt-sgt x sanggup utk share post kawan aku ni di blog aku.
tapi bila difikirkan kembali, harap masing2 dapat berfikiran terbuka dan mengambil teladan daripada tulisan di bawah.
~sorry in advance~



samada tulisan di atas fakta atau rekaan, terpulang kepada pembaca.
samada utk mengambil pengajaran ke x, pon terpulang kepada setiap individu.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Smoking? Not for me (manglish)

These are the reasons why I don’t smoke.

1-      It is HARAM

For me, this reason is concrete enough for us not to smoke. As what as we vow in our prayers everyday that we live only for AllAh, so there is no reason for us to do so.

2-      It will kill me.

Allah SWT said in Surah Al-Baqarah: 195 that, “… and do not throw yourselves into destruction…” Obviously, smoking will damage my health by damaging my organs. Our respiration will be distracted as the smoke that consists of carbon monoxide n etc are easily taken by our hemoglobin compared to oxygen into our red blood cells. This is what I've learnt from Science form 3.

3-      It will kill ppl around me.

I realize the intention of our Gov making respiration as a topic in the Science subject is to PREVENT our young generation from committing suicide by smoking. (Is smoking similar to commit suidice? For me, yes. I’m ready to debate on this..) I juz wonder why my friends who ‘learnt’ the same topic, in the same class, still dare to smoke. And I am getting puzzled when they said they want to be a doctor to heal ppl when they are killing them.

We will engulf with those we love as frequent as we could rite? Thus, if I smoke, no doubt, I will kill those who I love most. I am deserved to be punished under akta 302, kanun keseksaan that leads to the hang-to- death mandatory punishment.  

4-      I hate the smells.

Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda : Sesiapa yang memakan bawang putih dan bawang merah, maka
jauhilah daripada kami dan masjid dan tinggallah di rumah. Ini kerana, para malaikat terganggu
dengan perkara yang menyebabkan manusia rasa terganggu. (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

Tell me how many ppl who smoke before performing their prayers in the mosque??

5-       I’ll waste my money.

Juz imagine, a packet of 20 cigarettes = rm 10. And lets say I starts smoking since I was 15. Too early..? ok then, 18 juz after completing my spm.  And I smoke a packet a day. So, lets see the calculation below if I want to live until 58.
A day = rm 10.
A year = 365 days minus fasting month = 335 days
If I smoke for 40 years = I will spend (335 x 40 x rm10 )= rm 134,000.

And that sum is sufficient enough even extra about rm 40,000 to buy a Toyota vios sportivo that I aim to!!

OR I can build a nice house for my future family in the future…

These ARE possible IF.. I don’t start smoking from now. 

How about SISHA?

Hmm.. For me it is juz like the same as smoking as it use the same method to satisfy its smokers. Sisha is new, and smoking was new too. From drugs > cigarette > shisha > d > f > and the evolution will be continued.

me, prefer not to try all (anymore), at all.Tq.
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