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Monday, September 26, 2011

hidup seni pusaka bangsa

the sun has rised.. hopefully our iman also improve equivalent with the rising of the sun.

If AllAh SAW wants something to happen, there is nothing that can against Him. I learnt Silat since i was in Form 1 in SMK (A) Kuala Abang, Dungun, Terengganu. How could i join Silat? Haha... One day, i was being bullied by a Form 3 senior. I did not know why but he was kind of urging me to wrestle with him. Since i was so childish, innocent and very tiny at that moment, for sure he was the one who had the satisfaction after all.

when i went out from my dorm (B3B) , Abg Haris walked by me by wearing a Silat uniform.

Err.. Abg Haris, pi mana?
Nak ikot boleh?
Jom r..

I rushed to change my clothes since Abg Haris was walking down the stairs already. On that training session, i just sat at outside of the hall, watching and admiring those who undergo Silat training. After an hour of sitting there, out of the blue moon Abg Azrul came to me and pushed me from the back to the middle of the hall.

Aiseyh ko ni.. Meh sini aku ajar ko Silat. 

Maybe he could read my eyes or my mind. Maybe, who knows rite? Since then, i was officially a Pesilat.

Every year there would be an assessment where the Silat Pewaris master, Cikgu Jaafar Ali would evaluate the progression of his trainees. Alhamdulilah, i managed to get high marks for every assessment. There was one time that i was acknowledged as the "Pesilat Harapan 2004" since i got the highest marks among all. i think that was the stepping stone for me to be more successful in Silat.

On 2005, i was able to represent my district, Dungun in Silat Olahraga category C (46-49* not really sure)
 It was the biggest achievement for me since i could compete with the former Johan Pesilat REMAJA from SMK Science Dungun.

On 2006, i got an offer to pursue my study at Kolej ISLAM Sultan Alam Shah (KISAS) there, i joined Persatuan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia (PSSGM) and i was elected to be the secretary of the society. Cikgu Yusni is a great Pesilat, and everyone was happy and comfortable with the way he trained us. Hard yet soft. I met with those who were really serious in Silat like Abg Tamam , which was one of the toughest guy i've ever met in person. (I dont mind to state that i admire his solid body. =))

On the same year, i was able to represent my college in a Silat competition at Klang level. There i encountered many Pesilat from variety of schools of Silat like Silat Kalimah, Silat Pasak Bumi, Silat Gayong and etc. Unfortunately, i had to against a Pesilat from the national team, a Pesilat form SMK Kampung Jawa. i would say Klang district level was much harder than Terangganu state level. Alhamdulilah, i got the second runner up after all.

The opportunity to go to National Services (PLKN) in Chamang, Pahang contained sweet and bitter memories. One of the sweet memories was i met with the "Laksamana Muda Gayong" and participated in some Silat performances. That was the first time i played Tari Keris, by holding the real keris under his supervision. Thus, i did not feel a must of joining any dances whether Chinese, Malay or Indian.

I learnt Silat Sendeng for a while in IPG KPP, Penang. I was trained to use my elbow frequently in a lot of situation. Though the trainer had to stop teaching due to other commitments, i would say that i was really appreciate the opportunity so that my "langkah tak mati".

Who knows that i could learn Silat in Australia too. Allah SWT has arranged that i would met an expert in Silat Gayong. Alhamdulilah, instead of not letting "langkah mati", i could also able to improve my knowledge of Silat Gayong. All praises to Allah. Hopefully, i could be "tawazun and low profile" with the knowledge that Allah lends to me. InsyAllAh.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Lan, WAN dah xdak.."


losing someone that we love so much might be the toughest thing to face on this earth. and losing him/her/them without being able to see them for the last time will be much harder rite.

my grandpa passed away on a few days before Ramadhan approached. i received a msg from my brother saying that, "Lan, Wan dah xdak..." when i was watching a football match involving Malaysian team. Subhanallah.. I was speechless and really could not trust my eyes.. i read the msg over again and rushed to pm my family members. 

my grandpa was a very good person. someone that i look up to. and someone that i give my fullest respect to. he was a complete package person as he could do every jobs that u think a man should do. everything, believe me. 

i had an opportunity to take care of him a year ago when he was admitted to Adventist Hospital, Penang to undergo a surgery to remove some blood clot from his brain. as the effect, he tended to have short-memory lost as he would keep asking where he was for every hour. And my family needed to take turn to look after him. At night, i would find him struggling with wires to set him free from them every time he opened his eyes. and the only solution to keep him calm was to give a sedative injection which would last for a few hours. 

some friends advised me to stay calm and be strong. i know! every time they told me to be strong, that was my monolog. that was my advices to others too. i know there is impossible to have him stand on earth anymore.. and i am "redha" to His fate. All i worried about was my family condition. how about my grandmother, is she strong enough to face this? How about my mother? was she well prepared to receive that news? who would calm them? owh i really wished to be there to do my role as a grandson, and a son..

insyAllAh WAn, i will always pray for you, even you are no longer alive. believe me, u will always alive in my heart.

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