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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ajaq ngaji + bestday iman + hiking

i enjoyed myself to the fullest on last Sunday, Jan 22  n so did Malaysian families here.  

At 11.00am, i waited for Shah, my new friend to come over my house for so called Quran n Solat class. Unexpectedly, he came over while holding two plastic bags, full of onions, potatoes and “kangkung”! 

“These are from my mom... =)”

Waah… it was like , “rezeki turun dari langit u know”! haha… it really brought my memory when the first time I went to Tok Cik’s house in Dungun to learn how to recite Quran . 

Assalamualykum? Tokcik, ni Mama suruh bagi Tokcik…” i said while handing over her a kilo of white sugar.

Allahuakbar… what goes around comes around I think?

Then, I rushed to celebrate Bro. Iman Ismael’s bestday at Sydney Olimpic Park. Alhamdulilah, the weather was supporting us, sunny n windy though the weather forecast said vice versa. He byebyed his 20s n welcomed the 30s. haha.. 

At 6.00pm, we continued the fun by going hiking. Lane Cove National Park which is just behind of our apartment in Waterloo Rd. the journey started at 6.16 and ended 8.30pm. thanks for everyone who making that day so meaningful!



i'll be back!!

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