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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


lama gila x menulis... last skali 8/2?? bapak r.. satu sbb malas, dua sebab *dah x penting dah coz malas tu dah overshadow segala..

bukan apa, klu share gmbr, letak kt fb, boleh tag ramai org.. klu nak bg opinion, letak di fb status and twitter, so the msg will spread widely (or at least wider..)

however, i still believe blogging has its benefits and special in its own way =)


context: studying oversea at least teaches me one thing. being independent!

since i haven't gone back to msia, so ive found a way to heal (temporarily) my longing towards msia especially my fam which is cooking our traditional kuih muih on my own~.

#21a - kuih lopes

#20b - roti canai

if you are one of my facebook friends, u'll find that i upload a lot of photos of food!

How? alhamdulilah, i got a steamer at home, left by the previous cohort for us.

 plus, i have built-in oven in my current house, its kinda a waste if im not using it aite?

Usually i do my projects when i am in several conditions:
- free..
- not so free but will set a time  for it*by hook or by crook
- when i am tension..

frankly speaking, i have a lot of tension moments and maybe that what keeps me keep cooking or baking. haha..

#22a - red velvet cake

starting from this year, i tried to bake and do western foods/ pastry.. why? finding new field maybe~

hmm... juz finished my asgmntS and exam for sem 3 in Macquarie University. so, im having my Winter Break!

insyAllAh, hopefully all my plans will run smoothly... and come back to share my experiences with u...

aslmualykum wbt =D

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