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Monday, December 6, 2010

dialogue Rasulullah PBUH with Christians

AllAh Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala says in the Quran :

According to Uztaz Muhammad Izzat Al-Tahtawi (1993), a leading figure in the field of comparative religion (Muqaranah al-Adyan) from Syria, the above verse shows that comparative religion is one of the many branches of Islamic knowledge. It clearly states the truthfulness and greatness of Islam in comparison to every other religion in the world especially that of the ahl-Kitab.

In this context Islamic scholars have divided comparative study between Islam and Christianity into two parts, through dialogue and writings.


Islamic scholars agree that the earliest dialogues were began by and had involved Rasulullah PBUH. For instance the Holy Prophet’s PBUH interaction with 60 Christian representatives from the district of Najran led by ‘Abd al-Masih and Abu Haritshah bin ‘Alqamah, Bishop of Najran in various forms such as inquiries, debates et cetera became sources of inspiration for Muslims to expand this field of knowledge. An extract from the dialogue between Rasulullah PBUH and the Christion representatives of Najran as stated by Imam Abi al-Hassan ‘Ali bin Ahmad al-Naisaburi rahimahullah in his book Asbab al-Nuzulnya is as follows :

Rasulullah PBUH : Be muslims.

Christian Representatives : We have become muslims before you O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : You lie, there is a barrier between Islam and you when you proclaim  that AllAh has a son, you worship the cross and eat swine.

Christian Representatives : If Jesus is not AllAh’s son who is his father?

Rasulullah PBUH : Do you acknowledge that a son (close) resembles his father?

Christian Representatives : True, O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : Do you acknowledge that our God is Living and Did not die whereas Jesus (according to your belief) died?

Christian Representatives : True, O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : Do you acknowledge that our God is Self-Subsisting and sustains all His creations?

Christian Representatives : True, O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : Does Jesus possess these qualities?

Christian Representatives : Certainly not O Muhammad.

Rasulullah PBUH : If this is true, how could you say that (Jesus is the son of AllAh)?

Upon hearing his words, the Christian representatives fell silent. However, they then presented Rasulullah PBUH with a question.

Christian representatives : Do you see a human being without a father? If this is true do you have any proof to this?

Rasulullah PBUH :

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