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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

accident 2008...

19 december 2008
4.00 pm
Situation : lying down at the roadside…

“Arrgghh….!!!  Ya AllAh, I don’t perform my AsAr prayer yet…! Plz allow me to perform it for the last time…”

Tht was what playing in my mind when looked at my watch. I knew that it is too early for Asar prayer but I really wished that I could perform it before I slept forever.

gambar sekadar hiasan

That day was kak na’s “aqad niqah” ceremony. Kak na  is the 1st child of my family and that was my first wedding ceremony which involved one of my siblings. For sure, the members of my family were very enthusiastic and overwhelmed in preparing everything needed. We tried to make all as perfect as we dreamt and it was not simple and easy to satisfy perfectionists. Sometimes, it was so easy to make ppl touched. The ceremony would be held very soon and followed with the feast on the next day, so I needed to be fast in making the direction signs so that nobody would be lost while searching for our house.

3.15 pm

At that time, many of the villagers came to my house to help us ”melapah” the kerbau. They were very passionate with their job and so did I, I had my own task to do. I rode my brother’s EX5 to laminate the paper signboards in Selama town, 7 kms from my home. Everything looked normal along the way to Selama town, no roadblock and etc,  as if nothing bad would  happen on that day. In addition, I managed to finish my task earlier than I taught. I don’t know why but this phrase kept playing in my mind:

“I need to be fast… I need to be fast…”

I put the laminated paper signboards in the EX5 basket. I speeded up to the max even I was heading to a corner. Eh, the signboards were almost flown by the air… So, I took the additional motorcycle key to keep them safe. When I looked to the front back…. I was heading to the big drain beside the road. The drain was only 3 meter to the front but nothing I could do since I rode with that fast around 100 km/h.

3.50 pm

I was flying! I could snap three images of the sky before landed. One.. two.. three.. landed on my side after being slammed at the pokok pinang. What did i feel? I let you to imagine how painful it should be. What I saw was, my EX5 laid beside me and I noticed that my helmet was under the motor. How? I can’t answer you because I am sure that I had tied it tightly.

gambar sekadar hiasan

Eh, oil?? Leakage? It’s goin to explode!!!! I tried to stand or at least move further but negative. I couldn’t. I could not move even an inch! The painful at my waist prevented me from saving my life. Thank God, a young guy came and helped to stand the motor properly and it made me realize that it should not explode in that way. Fuuhhh.. *relieved.*

gambar sekadar hiasan

Pll started to surround and looked at me instead of helping me bcoz they afraid that my waist bone had broken. I taught the same thing too. An old Indian uncle came and asked for my dad’s mobile no. I should state that my dad is a policeman. As a policeman, accidental report is something that they listen to everyday. When the uncle called him about the accident, my dad taught that he was talking about someone else, not his own son. Thus, my dad just asked him to call the ambulance and police station as he was so busy with the wedding of his daughter.

Though suffering of painful and sympathy from pll around me, I managed to pick up my mobile phone and gave my mom a call.

me : Hello… Assalamualykum??
*(with happy voice ok.)
Mom :  Haa, lan… awat?
Me : Maa, lan accident nih.. hehe..
Mom : Accident? Dah tu, boleh bangun tak tu??
Me : Hehe… tak boleh…tgh baring kt tepi jalan..
Mom : Tuu kt mana tuu?
Me : Kt depan peladang selama ni laa…
Mom : Ok2… nanti mama suruh angah pi kt hg. 
*sedu sikit*
Me : Ok. Mom...
Mom : haa..?
Me : sorry.
Mom : Ok2… nanti angah pi.

A policeman came. Owh, I also should state here that the police station was just less than a hundred meter while hospital selama was around 200 meter from where the accident occured . Really a right place for an accident to take place huh? Hehe..

The policeman asked for my dad’s name. Owh.. anak Tuan dot dot…  I just replied him a smile. At that time, I tried to imagine what the situation at my house was. My sister was getting married and my dad had to be there because he was the “wali”. That’s why I called my mom instead my dad. I was afraid he would be angry too. Hehe… I really hope that I didn’t spoil the ceremony much. Sorry my dad, sorry kakna, sorry…

Pll chattered :
“Macam mana la batu tuu boleh pecah?? Tebai tuu!”

After I went to the accident location again, I had to admit that the concrete would not broken into pieces if I didn’t accelerate to that fast.. My right toe was torn and “calaq balaq keliling badan…”

An ambulance came. The attendances asked me whether I could get onto the stretcher on my own. With full effort, at last, I could do it, on my own. Then, they put me into the ambulance and rushed to the next corner, where the hospital Selama taken place  =P Frankly, the two minutes in the ambulance alone was very terrible. I was almost fallen over the stretcher when the ambulance turned its direction. I monologue alone “They are killing me..”

for sure, in a small district hospital, this kind of facilities is only a dream. 
(only for the time being... insyAllAh..)

I was admitted into the ICU. Then, being sent to xray room to xray whether anything was broken inside. Something’s wrong at my waist.

gambar sekadar hiasan

Thankfully, after an hour there, the attendance said to me that none was broken. When he pushed me out of the xray room, Pak Long and Angah Udin were there besides Angah. Deep in my heart, I said,

“Sayang jugak hangpa kat lan noh? Hehe… “

I was sent again to ICU.

“Ok, ur waist is ok.none was broken. Maybe the painful came from the tearing muscle. Could you plz sit?”

I had to put my effort to the max to sit and suddenly….

I fell over the stretcher and this time was real!!!

Arghh…siot punya doctor!!

 I couldn’t imagine how painful I was but I am sure that my lips were sealed tightly due to the extremed-painful.

I arrived at my home around 6 .15 pm. I told my mom and most ppl who closed with me but my dad bcoz I didn’t want to burden him with my problem yet. Before I slept, my sister came over and asked for my condition. The tears flow so fast from her eyelids.

On the walimatul urus day, those who came to the feast will ask about me..

gambar sekadar hiasan

Yang mana satu yang accident? Instead yg mana satu yg kahwin… mujuq depa x tya yang mana satu yg meninggal  =P

In the late evening of the same day, my dad “asked” me :

“Lan, hang jatuh stretcher eh? HAHAhaha…”

What’s important from this incident was I realized that my parents did communicate among them. I learnt about communication in Social Studies but and I just wonder whether it happens in my family too. Maybe its funny to say this. Haha.. all my suffering was worthy to see my parents laugh.

The end.

0n december 2009, someone else had hit the same concrete that had been repaired a few months before.. mmg tiap2 tahun kot jadi accident kt situ  :P

19 december 2010 : concrete tuu x diperbaiki dah... malaih  dah laa tuu... depa takut klu repair lagi nanti ada yg nak langgar lagi  =P


anak pak man said...

alhamdulillah, nothing too serious happened.. Allah Maha Mengetahui.. All Praise to The Almighty..

Aku SANGAT bersyukur.. :)

howmyneuronswork said...

thx anware...

aku bajet aku fobia nek moto pastu... hehe...

dan aku x dapat nak crita suma rr dalam blog ni...

ada yg dicensored... haha =P

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