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Thursday, April 7, 2011

::what April means to me ::

aslmualykum and gud day pals  =D

it has been a long time since the last time i updated my blog. felt quilty for not being consistent in updating it but sometimes i cant find the power to urge my fingers to type though there are a lot to share with.

April 2, 2011. 

i was fortunate to have a Canberra Excursion together with my TESOL course mates. The journey took almost 3 hours and most of us took the time to have a good rest in the bus. We went to National Museum of Australia and Australia Parliament. iIwas really enjoying myself because at last, i could find a kangaroo in this so-called-kangaroo land!! (i mean,a kangaroo in the mirror of the museum..) Unfortunately, my camera had some problem where the memory card seemed to be corrupted as i was not able to view the videos and pictures taken. 

April 3, 2011.

i was taking part in Malaysian Associations Sports Carnival 2011 in football game. obviously, i was not  a good football player as i did not play football in my school days. Spending a substantial amount of money to buy a football boot and a tight pant in Sydney was something that never came across my mind before. 

it was a really new experience for me to represent Malaysian Student Association (Macquarie University). i also had to become a linesman for the UNSW vs UTS match. Actually, i did not really focus on winning the games, my aim was to play as best as i could, thus, i did not become stresssful while playing as a defender at the right back position.

the spirit shown was so powerful till it motivated me to play till the end of the game though i felt painful at my leg. as the result, we managed to get the 4th place out of 5 universities. Alhamdulillah... =D

April 7, 2011.

That date a special date for me as it was my sister's 28th birthday! At last, with the camera problem faced, it took me almost a week to produce a short video which i dedicated to her. Credits to my course mates who were so supportive in helping me by starring the video. Actually the scenes were taken at Canberra, at the museum and parliament building, however, i was just an ordinary planner.. AllAh SwT is the best planner. Hence, i had to do some additional recording in my University. If Allah permits me to produce the original video, she would see her name at various settings such as in the bus, at the museum even it was "flagged" on the roof of Australia Parliament building.

after performing my Maghrib prayer, alhamdulillah... i could complete my "task". Hopefully, my sister would be happy with the "present". Happy Birthday Kak Na!! May AllAh SwT bless you always  =D

jazaks =D

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