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Monday, June 13, 2011

a tribute to my employer

Each of us has our own story. Although having the same kind of story but still, in different versions. We are the lead actors and also directors of our own stories, so make up our mind because eventually it is all about us. Only us.

For the time being, I work as a gardener at a pensioner’s house, at Baulkham Hills, Sydney. Magda, is the name of my employer. She was very kind and well-mannered woman. Here are some of the examples of her kindness.

She does help and accompany me doing my work. At the age of 53, she is the one who manage all the house chores at home since his husband is sick. That is why she hired me, not because she is lazy or incapable to do so, but due to time constrain as she is a supervisor at my university too. 

:: source :  mr google::

She serves me a cup of milk tea and some cookies for my lunch. Initially I prefer not to accept it but I rethink my mind about it after she insists to serve something for my lunch as her social responsibility. She even gave me a new peanut butter and some waffles to bring home which I think it is too much for a gardener like me.

On the first day working with her, she said, “Today is just a very good day as it is not raining, rite? I responded, “Yeah, God bless us.” “Plus, you pray, that is why God bless you and us…” She permits me to pray at her house and respects my prayer time by giving me quite a long time to rest so that I would not be rushing to perform the obligation of my religion.  


Every time I sneeze, she will immediately respond “God bless you!” That is what our Prophet SAW asked every Muslim to do as it is the right of the one who sneezes to be prayed for. (Reference: Muslim RA) Oh yaa, she is a Christian.

This sign is hung on her front gate.

She also compromises with me as I cant touch her dog, Ariel. Hence, all she requires me to do is just allowing Ariel to smell my shirt and pant instead of my hands. One day, Ariel hugged my leg and my hand while I was helping her to lift some rocks from her front yard. He did bite me a little bit as he wanted to play with me. (It was not painful for sure..) “Now, he is your best friend forever” she said happily. That situation reminds me to Kitmir, the dog in Surah Al-Kahfi. 

::Killing your loyal company?? never. ::

I am touched when she said, "If he (Ariel) bite or hurt you, tell me. I'll kill him because you are a good guy!" 

What makes me enjoy working with her is, i am not only earning some pocket money, i also manage to socialise with her husband, Mario and Ariel too. May Allah SWT bless them =)


mademoiselle tq said...

Aww.. She's such a sweet person! :)

Same goes to her dog. hehe

Syahira Ismail said...

salam, she's awesome.sometimes, non-muslims know better and respect our religion more than our own brothers and sisters.semoga dia mendapat hidayah.

asd said...

So sweet alan..ptt nk taharah he

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