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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My aidilfitri story~

Hmm… maybe I hope its not too late for me to say happy Eidul Fitr for all muslimin and muslimat for ur determination during the fasting month.. May our ibadat being accepted.
I agree so much with what tok guru nik abdul aziz nik mat said in one of his sermons:


"alam kanak-kanak yang paling RIANG menyambut RAYA...alam dewasa yang paling TAKUT meninggalkan RAMADHAN..entah akan brjumpa lagi atau tidak.."

*quoted from nik aiman aka tok ayoh’s fb status.



Talking about those children, why they are so eager to celebrate Raya.
To light all those fancy pelita up? = NO LAH!
To play mercun and bunga api? = MAYBE!
No other concrete reason but to collect duit raya? = EXACTLY!!!

On the fifth day of raya, there were a lot of my relatives came and visited my family in kubu gajah which I was really glad to have them in my house. Their visit spurred the raya spirit of my family members especially my mom and dad as they had to prepare the “duit raya” for the children.

Days before they came, my mom and I had been discussing about the rudeness of new generation during raya. My mom said” they would even open the envelope in front of us and comment about the small amount of duit raya directly”. Yeah, for me, I’ll consider it as rude too.

Before all my relatives going home, there was a boy around 11 years old bravely asking duit raya loudly to my mom. Upholding the tradition of giving the sedekah during this celebration, my mom gave an envelope contained RM* to his siblings and him. Suddenly,  he opened the envelope before he stepped out of my house. (This situation made me remember to my conversations with my mom days ago…) Unexpectedly, he even returned the envelope of the duit raya to me because he only wants the money and not the envelope. (That was really a new exposure to me about the rudeness of the youngsters.)

His action had put his mom in a shame situation. “Isshh hang ni… Kuang ajaq sungguh!!  I  noticed, that was an action of covering her shame. In my opinion,  I would not blame the youngsters  totally because they are children that require the guidance from the adults. When his mom scolded him by saying “kurang ajaq!”, actually she was indirectly condemning of herself. That means she was the one who didn’t teach her the way to be a manner person…

Thus, think before you speak. Being critical before cursing others bcoz it might reflect back to you .

ps: my real raya was on the Syawal 10th bcoz on that day, all my family members were able to gather including Bancik who worked in Kuantan and Kak Na's fam (Abg Man, Kak Na and Mikhail) from Miri. Then, celebrated the blissful moment at Puncak Mutiara Cafe, Kg Pelet, Bukit Mertajam. Really touched with Abah's sacrifice bcoz willing to be with us though the food was not suitable for him from the aspect of health. 

<3 love my family so much!!!  

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