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Saturday, September 18, 2010

my ramadhan story~

            I balik kampung with my rempit team (bagan, afifi and dayah) on September 3rd.  Fortunately I had a digital camera for me to record our happy journey. The idea to record it came when I laid awake staring at the ceiling of AMRA 212, a nite before the journey began. Credits to PJG 3412, AFQ 1041, AGU 8583 and AGM 7780 for allowing us to arrive safely at our homes. You can watch the memories of our journey (specifically, my balik kampung journey) at my fb account.

# no scenes on highway bcoz didn’t have the gut to hold camera during riding on highway…

            I felt very happy to be at home yet EMPTINESS engulfed me so frequently. I didn’t feel this bad in maktab… Oh yaa, I didn’t bring back home the cure of my leisure time (due to too much clothes to bring back home to wash) which is a GUITAR!!! My hands kept strumming my virtual guitar at my waist even though in the front of others. (Besa laa, orang pengak nak main… baru mula belajaq, tuuuu yg jadi lagu tu…) I really missed bagan’s guitar (that he put in my room for such a long time until I consider it as mine already..) until I posted at my fb account saying that I really need a guitar as soon as possible!

            Suddenly, my dad said that he wanted to sell mee rebus and mee & bihun sup at nite, at the junction of Selama-Kubu Gajah road. How did he get the idea? The idea came to his brain bcoz his friends and he don’t have a place for them to lepak until late nite. And x kan lepak kosong aje, they need food and drinks to accompany their missions. Hehe..  Then, on the first day,I was busy helping my mom to prepare what we should prepare happily until my dad said, “Haa Lan, jom laa pi sekali. Sapa lagi nak jaga kalau bukan hang?”

            After a deep thinking that I shud change the “problem” to be an opportunity, (ok laa…), I said to my dad, “Abah, u don’t have to hire other persons coz I’m here for you to hire..with RM** per day. What say you then??” Without thinking my dad responded, “If you are the one, I’ll pay you more than that, RM **” I’m ready to work with my dad only for a reason;

·                      #To earn some money to buy a … GUITAR!!!

I’ve asked my dad to borrow any of his friend’s guitars for me to practice but he said why I don’t buy one for myself. (Hoho…greenlight from him.)

Working at nite had changed my tarawikh and sleeping time.

Mee rebus + bihun sup
3.30 am
Mee rebus +nasi lemak
4.00 am
6.00 am
Mee rebus +nasi lemak + nasi sup
7.00 am.

*don’t ever ask about what time I wake up.

            We stopped selling a day before syawal came. I thought it juz for two or three days but my dad said it’s enough. (That’s all, no more question from me your honour…) Actually I aimed to sell mee rebus for around ten days so that… I would earn more. Haha… Thus, if you ask me how my Ramadan was, this is the story that I will tell you…

#My aidilfitri story will be coming soon…


anak pak man said...

huih, orang kaya la hg this ramadhan.. patot laa aku col hg ada kat kdai.. haha

bleh bli gtar listrik truih dah kot? haha

howmyneuronswork said...

huish... xkan aku yg beginner nak angkat fender yg beberapa K... ko ni pon... hehe...

aku xdak duit rr... cikit jer income... wes, teman aku pi usha kapok nti tau!!

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