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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Lan, are you free this evening? Can you send me back this evening? Because someone borrowed my car today.”

That was the starting of the drama. Willingly, I agreed to send Reez Imran (his fb id) back to his house at Taman Pekaka, near Tesco Extra, Sg. Dua, Penang. He came at my room Am 212 and acted perfectly as normal as he always did. After Asar prayer, I sent him back with my AGM 780* (actually it is 7780 but the plate number was broken and I did not want to change it for the 5/6th times)

I was quite surprise when he told me that Idham and Firdaus (my junior usrah members) borrowed his car to go somewhere. I just wonder how they had the gut to borrow his car to go somewhere else without taking him along. (And without informing or taking me along!!) Suddenly, I started to think badly about them. They might go somewhere with their girlfriends. (Astaghfirullah..) All kind of bad situations came to my mind along the short journey to Haris’s house. (Sorry friends..)

When we stopped for the red traffic light about 100 metres from the Taman Pekaka, suddenly Abg Haris said to me,

“Lan, I am sorry if I have done anything that makes u uncomfortable with. Especially about that thing* (secreto…hehe)

Still surprising and shocking with that honest statement, I responded hesitantly:

“Eh, no lah, xdak paa haih… besa rr…xdak pa…xdak pa”

We passed through a greenly field of Taman Pekaka that soothed my heart and made me felt thankful to Abg Haris for asking me to send him back. Unexpectedly, he asked me to drop by at the only “pergola” at the field.

Then, I saw the familiar faces in IPG Kampus Pulau Pinang which were my usrah members!!! Next, everything revealed the real drama. Abg Haris’s car, firdaus’s and amir’s motorcycles, some polystyrene (which they must contained food) and drinks.

“Actually, this gathering is conducted specially for Azlan, because as we all know, he is going to OZ soon and will not be with us anymore for next years.”

*touching mode*

*starting to touch my eyes that were not so ache*

Everyone started to give their advices and “amanat”.

Belajaq elok2!

Jgn tinggal solat!

Jaga iman elok2, kat sana nanti pompuan seksi2!

Terima kasih kerana bersabar dengan karenah kami yang selalu x attend usrah.

Thx kerana membangunkan usrah kita ini.

Moga bertemu jodoh

*I like this statement the most… haha..

A lot of pictures were taken by using Firdaus’s handphone cam. That was the only one I regretted on that day because I could not save the memorable memories in the proper way.

Abg haris continued :

“And on behalf of every member of our usrah, please receive this as our token of appreciation for being with us for almost one sem.”

*touching mode and tried my best to control my macho-ness by not letting any tears dropped from my eyes*

Thanks you guys. Our usrah has taught and changed me a lot in many ways. Hopefully, the ukhuwah that we build together will not end here but remains forever.

Abg Haris Imran, Abd Rahim Yahya, Firdaus, Amir, Zimam, Faiq, Irfan, Afiq 1, Afiq 2, Idham, Helmi and Hafiz.

Love you all  =)

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