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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

“My dream comes true”

 That was what I said to myself when I walked out from the Art Tunes Sdn Bhd at Jalan Dato’ Keramat, Penang at 6.15pm on 8 October 2010..
A guitar, that I wished to own it since two months ago had become a reality. The hardship of staying up late at night to sell mee rebus and nasi lemak during Ramadhan ago had been paid off when I managed to play a Spider song, Relaku Pujuk by using that guitar. The first thing that came to my mind when having the first strum was,

 “Wow, the sound is much better than Bagan’s!”

Spending about RM 220 for that acoustic guitar was not my original plan. Initially, I only planned to spend about RM 150 for a guitar, maybe a Kapok brand as suggested by my dad, who encouraged me to buy one when I asked him to borrow a guitar from his friends. However, I didn’t know how I can end up by buying this guitar. I just… attracted to it. That’s all.

I did inform my family members about the news.

Aslmualykum? Juz wanna said that I had bought an acoustic guitar that costed me RM 200( Guess why I changed it? Hehe…) I’ll upload the photos later. =)

Here were the responses that I received from them.

Angah   :  (Instead of replying a msg, he decided to waste his credit by calling me immediately… but i could not remember what he had said about it…)

Bancik   : “Cayalah…!!! RM 200 tuu. Nanti bancik balik (hg) ajaq bancik main gitar plak. Wes, try hg tya        sapa2 yg tau kedai spare parts Yamaha FZ 150s. Bancik nak tukaq part kepala dia tuu, baru nampak macam superbike… (errr… kur…kur…)

Kak Na : “Haa, paa lagi, upload rr cepat nak tengok nii…(ni pun satu, jimat sangat credit fon dia… ader ker main tulis kt fb jer…)
Abah      :Kk. (Short and precise… This is the real man. No emotion shown, juz show the rationality of   mind.)   *source- aku terima nikahnya by Hasrizal Abdul Jamil.

A friend : (I said to her earlier that I’d bought my raya present and asked her to guess it. And this was her reply.)
Dah 2? Xkan kasut lagi kot?
Baju? Yang tuu tak yah tunggu raya pon (boleh) beli.
Eh, jap2. GITAR!!!!

Thank to Sufian and Anware for accompanying me to make my virtual guitar >>> a real acoustic guitar.


mIra said...

hehe..lan..bila nk mainkan lagu cinta terakhir niyh..huhu..nak dgr22..ngee~~

howmyneuronswork said...

tgh belajaq rr niih...

x sesenang yg aku sgka... haha~

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