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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Learn to believe…

I have realized how true this statement is such for a long time. And I kept reminding myself to apply it especially when I have been given any task or responsibilities to hold. In my institute arena, I started holding responsibilities (non academic responsibilities) when I joined PAI which stands for Persatuan Agama Islam in 2008. From an ordinary member of Dakwah and Tarbiah Biro in 2009, I got the trust from the highest committee of PAI to be the Ibadah and Surau Exco in 2010. Meanwhile, I had been selected as JPP which is the acronym of Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Pelajar 2010. All these responsibilities and positions kept me busy along the year until I do not realize that my roles almost arrive to the end.

I did present the weaknesses and strengths of my committee in a post mortem of a big event of institute. Right after I finished presenting it, one of the lecturers responded.

“First of all, I think all of us should thank Roslan (Azlan) for finishing his responsibilities completely. I do hope that I manage to get another 100 guyS like Roslan (Azlan) to be with me in the future. But, I do not like his working style! He just want to complete his tasks, by hook or by crook, at the end of that day, he wants to see all his work done. However, doing it alone is not the most appropriate way. He was the one who brought the tables and chairs and other equipments. How about the rest? I am not blaming him a hundred percent because his committee members were not so good enough (in completing their works) For me, It’s the attitude problem of our students.”

Then, the chairman of that post mortem said, 

“One man show huh?”

Frankly speaking, I am not the one who can believe others easily. If u want me to believe in you, you need to prove your abilities to me. For me, trust and respect is not given, it is gained and earned. I know, witty people will say like this,

“But, if you don’t give me any opportunities, how am I / are we going to prove it??”

This is why we need to be brilliant in many aspects besides academic. Before we give any huge responsibilities to others, we will test them right? So do I. The tests would not be like SPM or on paper examination, it is how we interact with people. From our communication we can know (judge) people whether they deserve our trust or not. So, those people who I trust, congratulation for passing the examinations.

I do trying to learn trusting others so that they would trust me back. But, obviously I do not “khatam” this chapter yet. Still, there is a long way to go.

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