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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the last post in malaysia in two years, i guess...

this will be the last post i write in Malaysia in two years coming... As most of my blog readers know, (since most of you are my friends), insyAllAh, im going to further my study for 2 years in B. Ed. TESOL, in  Macquarie Uni, Sydney, OZ. the details will be as stated as below.

at the time when this post is written (08 feb 2011), i really, really regret of myself as i didnt maximise my leisure holiday time to the fullest! there are a lot i can do to contribute to my parents and sibling unfortunately, i just realised it yesterday. 

early in the morning (Feb 7, 2010), i changed my habit ( sleep back after performing the Subuh prayer) by cleaning my dad's aquarium. i should state here that there are FOUR aquariums in my house and it took hours to clean one, since it is very rare for us to clean them as we are all BUSY.

(ok, they are busy, not me...  =P)

then, i rushed to convert my MYR (Malaysia Ringgit) into AUD (Australia Dolar) in nearby banks. I forgot the fact of living in a small village called Kubu Gajah which the nearest "town" is SELAMA, PERAK. No sane people in this "pekan/kampung" will come along the way to do so. this thought might be in the mind of those people that i asked in the banks. Or maybe they thought like this,

"Kerek gilerrr budak kampung botak ni..!"

Since i didnt want to postpone it, i rode my EX5 motorcycle to KULIM where i could find a licensed money changer. i felt quite worry since i brought quite a sum of money to be converted into AUD. Thank Allah, everything just went fine.

after a short break and performing Asar prayer, i started the engine of my lawnmower. it has been quite a time since the last time i used it. just able to do it halfway when the Azan Maghrib broke the silence of that day.

i should cut this grass earlier, so that i could spend my time with another things.
  • cleaning the other 3 aquariums
  • washing my AGM 7780
  • washing my parents' cars
  • rearrange the things already in the store
  • putting all my maktab's thingy into the store
  • enhancing my cooking skills
  • repacking my stuffs over again
  • spending my time with my grandmother and grandpa
  • spending precious time with my parents
  • crying ? should this be on the list? huhu... not in the right place..maybe in KLIA..
  • etc...

no use of regretting all these undone things. now, move on and do what i can, in this short yet meaningful time.


let us play....


on the last hour in the KLIA, give a piece of paper to every member of our families and ask them to write their last words (it might be their hopes, wishes or unsaid speeches) on it. As the reciprocal, we will give the ones that we have written earlier to each of them.

hopefully, what written on those PIECE of PAPERS will cure our deep longing, and prevent us all from doing anything that will make us regret later.

for those who dont want to join this game, its only a suggestion.

"moga-moga pemergian kita dirahmati AllAh SwT di samping mendapat restu ibubapa ahli keluarga serta diiringi doa guru-guru, pesyarah-pesyarah dan sahabat handai.. Ameen."

bye- bye Malaysia! tanah tumpah darahku...


mademoiselle tq said...

hurm, i'm a bit sad since not all of my family members will be going to KLIA. and the game...it would be incomplete because the number of family members is not complete. ;(

howmyneuronswork said...


u knw what.. at last, i dont have time prepare the letters for them.. it means, they played with me but i xplay with them... sedeyh2..

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