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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sydney is just awesome!

For the time being, I live in Villa 159, room number 5 (which is the smallest room among the fives), with Syazwan and another three Bangladeshi. One of them is IRFAN, which is such a good housemate-to-be, even treated me a milk tea+ “buah pegaga” = tasty milk tea!! U should have a try, really kaw, betui2 kaw  =D Hoever, the other two tenants will only be back from their holiday on March 2.

The weather is unpredictable here. On our 1st day here, the day was hot even hotter than Msia. Ok, it is summer, so what more to expect. But, on the next day and the next day and the next day, all were cold and made the sweater as our compulsory clothes at anytime, anywhere. It made us wonder why the seniors dared to play football with sleeveless t shirt while most of us were wearing long-sleeve t shirt. Then, he said to us,
“This cold is a normal cold, wait until the winter comes, then it will be really, really cold then…”
(Perrrgh… I need to buy a fan heater and thick quilt asap!)

I went to city on February 15, accompanied by our beloved seniors. I really astonished with the geography of Sydney as it is not tanah pamah like Kuala Lumpur, Selama or other cities in Msia. I said to my seniors, 

“Wow, hebatnya orang yang boleh wat Bandar macam ni..!”

Unexpectedly, he replied,


“Hebatnya “orang” yang buat bentuk muka bumi mcm ni..!”

Sydney is the manifestation of how good the OZ is at preserving their historical buildings. They turn the old buildings to a must-to-visit tourism centre for the tourists like me. Hehe.. =P The buildings are just fantastic and incredible. Even the small “lorong” like “lorong haji taib in KL” is a place to find a halal livelihood in OZ.

We performed our Zohor prayer at the Botanical Garden, near the Sydney Opera House, while wearing our shoes! It is a new experience for most of us, and it sparked a new + undefined feeling during performing it. We felt so grateful as AllAh SwT has chosen us to be in a country which the Muslim community is minority, and it opens our eyes to a lot of the “hikmah” that we could not find/realize when we were in Msia. In Msia, we search for a surau or mosque to perform our prayers but it is not a must in overseas. This earth belongs to AllAh The Almighty, anywhere you step on is the place to do our responsibilities as the servants of Him.



Now we are in O-Week or Orientation Week, so we have a lot of leisure time. The classes will only start on February 21.. The serious phase will come soon, so I hope, I can cope with the new situation. As we all know, the accent used is different compared to the typical Msian lecturers, so I hope I won’t need too much time to adapt with the variety of accents.


Much more to share with ya.. till then, aslmualykum wbt?


mIra said...

kemas r lann!!ngeh22~~


more picture plizzz~hehehe. . .

asd said...

awesome dude

shiqapiqamiqa143 said...

hoho . smart2 :DD

Zaimiey86 said...

Slm.. hai Lan.. wa.. bestnya dkt sana..hehe... smart lan.. ^.^ tgk pic pun da best ni..smoga slmat kat bumi org ya.. ^.~

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