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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I just opened my Language Description file just now (feb, 3, 2011, 0000 hrs) and smiled at the mistakes that I had done almost three years ago… it leads to think of how enthusiastic our lecturers were, to teach us from the basic of English. I am really glad to have them as my lecturers and hope to have the opportunities to keep learning with them.

It might be the second times Mdm LEE SUI SAM entering my class. So, she wanted to know our abilities in English thus asked us (my classmates and I) to spell the words she said. After ten minutes, she asked us to discuss what we had written on the papers.

That was what I have done (almost) three years ago. 

BRIDE : bridal (ans : GROOM)
POET : (ans : POETESS)
WAITER : waitress
MILLIONAIRE : millionairess
EMPEROR : emperor (ans : EMPRESS)
LION : cub (ans : LIONESS)
HEN : roaster (ans : COCK)

Huhu… it shows how weak my English master was and is. Hence, I want/need/should/ought/have to quote what Mdm LEE SUI SAM always said to us…

“ You really need to BUCK UP your ENGLISH proficiency!!”

::proudly taken from one of Wa Waa Rin Wahshio's photos::

I’m Learning mdm… (*_*")

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