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Thursday, February 24, 2011

cebisan perkongsian menjadi JPP...

At the moment you read this post, I’ve spent more RM1500 in only two weeks of being in Sydney. However, that’s not what makes my mind haywire, or the main reason why I write this time. 

Though I am not in Malaysia anymore, though I am not with you physically friends, you are always in my mind. When I listened to the unpleasant stories and updates of our campus elections, whether in Unis such as UPM or IPGs, I feel down and triggers me to remember what JPP means to me..

IPG Kampus Pulau Pinang.

I was a JPP before, who initially didn’t want to participate in JPP at all, and unexpectedly won though I was condemning the HEP for forcing people to join the election in the manifesto session. 

                Holding the “takhifan” as a leader is actually putting us at the target board to be blamed at. Being a leader will allow all to see our weaknesses and makes us a sitting duck, when any issues or problems raise. As a teacher, the pure satisfaction of a teacher is when the students are able to use the knowledge that he/she share with them. As JPPs, we are all happy and satisfy when noticing all our friends, seniors and juniors can live happily as all their problems are solved. I am not trying to say that we (JPP 2010/2011) were so excellent and able to solve every issues but I did notice that JPPs elected were trying their best, neglecting their responsibilities to themselves, to their families, just to ensure their friends can sleep calmly. And I think it is not over-exaggerated to say we were “zalim” to ourselves in effort to be nice to other people.

                I am really fortunate to be in JPP 2010/2011 as I was able to work together with those who were really passionate at doing their works, completing their responsibilities. Frankly, I was not so closed with them initially, but as what as ppl say, time solves (almot) everything. I became so closed with them especially with Anip, Kaber, Ipee, BoBo, Trex, Diela, Ikmal, Hakim, “Shap”, Aini, Kak Ain, when we was ordered to tie the KaS1M banner at the volleyball court at the middle nite. And thank to them for always giving me MERITS for my courtesy, for my polite and good manners =P

              For K Chik, K Izma, Arwah Abdillah, Hasbullah, K Im,Mazwan, Pavi, David, IzzAh, K Pah, Alney,  and everybody … sorry coz couldn’t able to know u guys better.. Maybe InsyAllAh, we’ll meet again in two years later.

            JPPs taught me about friendship, about passion, about satisfaction, about sacrifices, about respects, about sharing, about being calm when problems come, about happy, about sad, about misunderstanding, about war, about spreading knowledge, about relationships with lecturers and admins and etc…

            For all friends who are elected as the student representatives whether in UNIs or IPGs, InsyAllAh, we all pray and hope you will able to do your jobs much better than the previous ones, for the sake of Malaysian future =D

 salam rindu dr bumi SyDnEy...

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