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Tuesday, November 23, 2010



May AllAh SWT bless u all  =)

Since I have nothing to do for the time being, thus I make myself busy with the house chores. Actually, it is external house chores.

Lawn mowing is the routine of my siblings and I when we are in our home-sweet-home. Or in other words, to see whether we are homed or not, just look at the grass. Personally, I am so glad to do so as it is the only thing that my mom put me in charged and have the full-authority to mow the grass. She will never interrupt it as she told me,

“it is men’s job. If I am a man, I would do it by myself, need not wait for you to act on it”

Did you realize that the amounts of dengue cases are rapidly increasing? And it is freaking scary!! Kindly refer to these articles below. DO take precaution and prevention steps ok...

ok.. let’s get back to my story. (as usual, lingering around the bushes… =P)

It's hard for my brother to get a leave. So, I let him to make full use of his leave to cut down the grass. 

testimoni pil kurus???

And i? do other thing like, snapping photos!!

I just realize that some plants are flowering. Sometimes, I wish I am kind of expert at taking pictures with DSLR camera so that I can express how I am proud of my parents for their effort to make our home as beautiful as they can. (don't have to mention all the confusing data of Nikon or Canon or Sony or D90, D7000 or D3100 or D3000 or Alpha 50 and whatsoever) Bagan and Amirul try to persuade me to buy one but their effort is not fruitful till now. Hehe… sorry bro..

the "jantung pisang" has gone!!!

I learnt Silat since I was in Form 1. I learnt two chambers of Malays Silat, which were Silat Pewaris in SMKA Kuala Abang, Dungun and Silat Gayong, in KISAS. The exercise that I like the most is, pumping.

Can you see how passionate I am in pumping?

this is what we call "tanam lalang"

For the time being, mowing the grass would be my routine until I find another job that is more fruitful.

Wallahua'lam  =)


anak pak man said...

stay kat "down" position in pumping sampai tumbuh lalang? stai..

adik hang dah kurus ek skang? guna produk dr rozmey ek? hehe

howmyneuronswork said...


actually, aku dah pumping byk dah... tp adik aku snap kurg tepat.. hehe~

btw, yg wat testimony pil kurus tuu, tuu ABANG aku k... :P


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