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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Biro TataNegara...

The absence of anware hadi at the sudden meeting with mr G had put me on “trouble”.  I had to replace his place to be fully in charge of that course especially for transportation. (as usual…fuuhh..) Ok, with a “willing” heart, I accepted that post and tried to think from the positive perspective.

Since that was my second time of attending btn course, so I hoped it would be much better than what I have gone through. My  first btn course was held at 2009, at ulu kernas, kuala kangsar, perak and it was focusing on physical activities. However, this one was focusing on theories as we were specifically being exposed to our constitutions.

Just ask us about the social contract and all of us can answer you immediately and precisely!
Perkara 3 - Agama Islam sebagai agama persekutuan (bukan agama rasmi ok…)
Perkara 14 and 15- Perolehan kewarganegaraan
Perkara 152 – Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa rasmi
Perkara 153 – Hak istimewa bumiputra dan hak-hak sah kaum-kaum lain
Perkara 181 – Kedaulatan raja-raja Melayu (ketuanan Melayu)

What I dissatisfied with this time btn course is, this course had been an exam orientated course as the facilitators kept telling us that we need to focus the lectures otherwise we would surely fail our exam.  Yeah, it is good to remind us, but they should not set our mind to be exam orientated. Our government has taken various methods and ways to change our mentality as we are all going to be a real teacher soon. Thus, we should not make our students to focus on academic achievement only but a holistic development.

The abolishment of PMR and the establishment of new curriculum in 2011 which is Standard Curriculum for Primary School (KSSR) are some evidence showing how serious the government is in effort to change our generation mentality.

If you asked what my opinion is about the food provided, I would say my 1st btn course is better. In that course, all the participants were eating in groups and each group was provided with a “talam” compared to this btn course, we ate in our own tray. I found that eating in “talam” able to bond our relationship efficiently as all of us could laugh and communicate with no awkward at all in a very short time.

Hmm… this btn course had taught me a lot, not in a way I expected before, especially when it came to the “climax” session.  Firstly, that activity and the provocation that had been prepared was also exactly similar with what I have gone through before. So, I don’t blame myself for being over-confident about what I did at that night. It taught me on the aspect of confident, trust among our friends, our faith, responsibility and accountability. Yeah, we need to be responsible for what we had decided. Hence, I did prepared myself to redo this btn again as we were informed that we were all failed. Personally, I learnt that I should control my emotion in every situation. It is because, when our emotion is disturbed, we tended to make irrational decisions that will make us regret later.

Thank a lot to our penghulu, for his determination of asking forgiveness of the leader of facilitators, for our over and uncontrolled emotion. He saved us from repeating this btn again, as insyAllAh, all of us will be ok and none of us going to fail as what Abg Yap had announced in the closing ceremony.

Bye2 BTN Meru Camp!

keluar jer dr dewan exam, terus cari camera!!

pose dulu wpn tgh kemas barang..

childlike situation??

golden opportunity... hehe~

abg yap, pak mus, pak jaafar, pak imb, pak ya, mak wan..

our last meal...

my excellent group
credits to our fc, abg faisol..

this is me!

my friends... haish~

my happening friends~  =)

my baggage~

the moto~

and... the tissue, given by an ipsah student  =)

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