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Saturday, November 20, 2010

my BESTday of 2010~

what November means to me?

When the clock ticked to 12.00am, it means the 11st month, November has come. It is the month that I waited for in every year, the most meaningful month for me as I was born in that November, 20 years ago in Alor Star Hospital, Kedah.

Getting the number “2” for my age means a lot to me. It makes me think about what I should be, what I should do as a matured person. If Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh opened the Constantinople when he was 21* (some say 24), I do believe I can’t beat him. Or at least be less than him. Because I am VERY FAR from him. He could memorise and understood the Muwata’, the kitab narrated by Imam Al-Ghazali when he was 6*. Don’t even think to ask me what I did when I was 6…

Making people recognize our presence in a positive way in the community is what I hope for. Just like Mr Syafiq from Co-curriculum  Unit in IPG Penang Campus said to me,

“don’t be like melukut di tepi gantang, biar kehadiran kita di sekolah dirasai dan kehilangan kita diratapi

When I visited Gajus Block on my birthday, the citizens did recognize me and greeted and wished me “happy 20th birthday!” I feel so happy to get the wishes and prayers from my friends face-to-face as the sincerity was there. I can read their eyes, detect their seriousness while facing them.

I still remembered what my senior said to me when she celebrated her birthday a few months before she took off to Sydney.

“Instead of waiting for people making us happy, why don’t we take the first step by making people happy?”

Agree with her and alhamdulilah, I managed to buy some cakes for my cohort members that had been served at the Farewell Lunch.

Tokens of appreciation for those who had generously given me presents… really appreciate it and glad to have it!

::the surprising BESTday celebration::

"make a wish before u cut the cake", said mdm csy.

delicious cake indeed!

my tutor (mdm CSY) and me~

my 1st formal performance
relaku pujuk by spider

::and the unexpected BESTday prank::

jump azlan jump!

i left my CROC* behind!

kejor yeop kejor!

ini bukan sukaneka yer kawan-kawan~

::last  moments with khairul fahmi aka jeng::

ayaq nyiuq and mee sup at bayan mutiara

free feast, tuu yg pulun tuu~hehe..

::unprepared BESTday celebration::

MCD pon MCD lah~

did we eat a lot?

yeah, i'm 20 already!!

::photos of my presents::

2010- baling people

2010- H and S

2000- kak era, dungun

2009- mom and angah

2010- miss A
2010 - mr K

and cik S =)

thx u guys!!

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